Who’s Who

Parish Priest

Father Benedetto D’Autilia

The Parish Service Team (PST)

Father Benedetto D’Autilia
Bish Boniszewski  Communications
Claire Wylot  Secretary
Jacque Hamilton  Interim-Chair
Deacon Paul  Liturgy; Evangelisation, Education and Catechesis
Dee Harvey  Finance
John Wiggins  H&S, Property & Maintenance

Parish Service team (PST)

Set up by Fr Innocent in January 2012, this group of (normally) eight lay parishioners is drawn from both churches in our parish.

The Parish Implementation and Development Teams (PIDTs) are responsible for planning and co-ordinating various aspects of parish life, from Liturgies to social events.

The PST’s aim is:

To support and advise the Parish Priest on the running of the Parish as a single entity and promote the church as a place of worship, welcome and a place of service to all.

The PST’s objectives are:

  • To consider and implement the actions identified in the Parish Strategy Action Plan as appropriate.
  • To support the greater integration of the two churches of St Wulstan’s and Our Lady of Grace into a single, thriving entity.
  • To work collaboratively with the Parish Implementation and Development Team, offering advice and support, and tracking progress as appropriate.
  • To communicate effectively with the wider Parish.

Frequency of PST meetings:

Meetings are held on a monthly basis


Five members constitute a quorum.

PST Reporting structure:

The team reports to, and is accountable to the Parish Priest.

PST tenure of office:

The term of office of each member is three years, reviewed annually.

Minutes of Meetings:

Copies of these can be found on the notice board at each church.

Purpose of the Parish Implementation and Development Teams (PIDT)

These parishioners are responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of Parish activities under the headings of:

  • Communications
  • Evangelisation
  • Education and Catechesis
  • Finance
  • Health and Safety, Property and Compound Maintenance
  • Liturgy
  • Social and Culture
  • Youth

Each Implementation Team has a Leader responsible for its activities, and who reports on progress to the PST. Each PST member has been made responsible for a specific Implementation Team, and liaises with them regularly, to ensure the PST is fully informed about what is happening in the parish.

The groups include a broad representation of individuals with the necessary skills and attributes, who have previously served their communities. This builds on the strengths and talents that exist and will facilitate the cohesion of “one” community for BJHN Parish.

Individuals were approached directly by Fr Innocent and invited to serve the parish.