Prayer for the Bishops (Pope John XXIII)

O Jesus, Eternal Priest,
you who have lit in this world an undying flame,
enable those whom you have chosen for the episcopate
to share in the purposes of your divine Heart.

Give to those generous hearts upon whom you have bestowed
the fullness of your priesthood
the grace of honouring you and your Holy Church,
and multiply around them evermore
new and fervent apostles of your kingdom,
for the salvation of all peoples.

O Lord, grant that as they work in peace
and enjoy tranquillity of order,
the peoples and nations may prosper
under your most generous blessings,
and the Church extend ever more widely
her redeeming mission.

Save your people Lord: and bless your inheritance.
And govern them and lift them up for ever.

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Prayer for Vocations

Loving God, You speak to us
and nourish us through the
life of this church community.

In the name of Jesus, we ask you
to send your Spirit to us so that
men and women among us, young
and old, will respond to your call to
service and leadership in the church.

We pray for all ministers but, especially, for
those who hear your invitation to
be a priest, sister, brother, or deacon.

May those who are opening their hearts
and minds to your call be encouraged
and strengthened through our enthusiasm
in your service. Amen

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