Prayer for the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council (Pope John XXIII)

May this Council produce abundant fruits:
may the light and power of the Gospel
be more widely diffused in human society;
may new vigour be imparted
to the Catholic religion and its missionary function;
may we all acquire
a more profound knowledge of the Church’s doctrine
and a wholesome increase of Christian morality.

O gentle Guest of our souls,
confirm our mind in the truth
and dispose our hearts to obedience,
that the deliberations of the Council may find in us
generous consent and prompt obedience.

Renew in our days your miracles
as of a second Penetecost;
and grant that Holy Church,
reunited in our prayer,
more fervent than before,
around Mary the Mother of Jesus,
and under the leadership of Peter,
may extend the kingdom of the divine Saviour,
A kingdom of truth, justice, love and peace.


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